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    S.N. Product Name Label claim Pack Size Action & Use
    1 Formulation 1 Contains  50 gm (Recurrent gingival  
    Disodium    USP NF  0.1 % w/w 100 gm bleeding,Plaque
    Monoflurophosphate BP  0.025 % w/w   hailosis)
    Zinc Sulphate  0.025 %    
    2 Formulation 2 Chlorhexidine Gluconate Solution IP    Antiseptic
    Dilute to Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.2%w/v  100 ml (Controls bad breath 
    Flavoured aqueous base   Retards dental plaques
    Colour : Brilliant Blue FCF   for total mouth wash
    3 Formulation 3 Composition    Antiseptic
    Chlorhexidine Gluconate Soln.I.P. 0.2%w/v  100 ml (Controls bad breath 
    diluted to Chlorhexidine Gluconate    Retards dental plaques
    in pleasantly flavoured aqueous base    for total mouth wash
    Colours :Quinoline Yellow WS &   protection)
     Brilliant Blue FCF        
    4 Formulation 4 Composition  100ml Antiseptic
    Chorhexidine Gluconate Solution I.P.   (Controls bad breath 
    Diluted to Chlorhexidine Gluconate0.2% w/v    Retards dental plaques
    Triclosan USP             0.0.5 % w / v   for total mouth wash
    Sodium Monoflurophosphate USP 0.07%w/v    
    In pleasantly flavoured aqueous base    
    Colour : Brilliant Blue FCF    
    5 Formulation 5 Each ml contain 100 ml Antiseptic
    Chlorhexidine Gluconate IP 0.2%w/w   (Controls bad breath 
    Sodium Fluoride  IP 0.05%   Retards dental plaques
    Zink Chloride  IP 0.09%   for total mouth wash)
    6 Formulation 6 Composition 10 ml (Gum astringent )
    Tannic Acid Glycerine  IP 66  27%  w/v 15 ml  
    Potassium Iodine  IP  0.05 %  w/v    
    Iodine  IP  0.03 %  w/v    
    Thymol  IP  0.033 %  w/v    
    Menthol IP  0.05 %  w/v    
    Glycerine  IP  72% w/v    
    7 Formulation 7 Composition 100ml  
    Choline Salicylate Soln BP equ to    
    Choline Salicylate  8.7% w/w    
    Benzalkonium chloride soln BP 0.01 % w/w    
    Lignocaine hydrochloride BP 2.0% w/w    
    Flavoured base 100ml  
    8 Formulation 8 each gm gel contains   Antiseptic
    Metronidazole BP 10 mg   Antibacterial
    as metronidazole benzoate bp   (Controls bad breath 
    Chlorhaxidine gluconate soln BP 0.25%w/w   Retards dental plaques
    water soluble gel base qs   for total mouth wash)
    9 Formulation 9 Sodium Fluoride IP 0.2% w/v 100ml Antiseptic
    Triclosan USP 0.03% 2/v    
    10 Formulation 10 Sodium Fluoride IP 0.2% w/v 450ml Antiseptic