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    Antacids Oral Liquids

    S.N. Product Name Label claim Pack Size Action & Use
    1 Formulation 1 Each 10ml Contains 170 ml Antacids
    Aluminiym Hydoxide Gel Paste   (for fast relief
    eq to dried aluminium Hydroxide Gel 600mg   of heartburn acid
    Magnesium Hydroxide  Gel Paste   indigestion &
    eq to Magnesium Hydroxide 600mg   symptoms of gas )
    Simethicon emulsion USP    
    eq to Simethicon 50mg    
    flavoured base qs    
    2 Formulation 2 Each 10 ml contains: 170ml (for fast relief
    Dried Aluminium Hydroxide Gel IP 200mg   of heartburn acid
    Magnesium Hydroxide BP 200 mg   indigestion &
        symptoms of gas )
    3 Formulation 3 Each 5ml Contains 170ml  
    Aluminium Hydroxide Gel Paste Eq. to    
    Dried Aluminium Hydroxide Gel USP 200mg     
    Magnesium Hydroxide Paste Eq. to    
    Magnesium Hydroxide USP 200mg    
    Simethicone USP 25mg    
    Flavoured base Q.S.    
    4 Formulation 4 Each 5ml contains: 170ml Antacids
    Aluminium Hydroxide Gel Paste eq. to    (for fast relief
    Dried Aluminium Hydroxide Gel USP-----200mg   of heartburn acid
    Magnesium Hydroxide Paste eq. to   indigestion &
     Magnesium Hydroxide USP----200mg   symptoms of gas )
    Simethicone USP----25mg    
    Flavoured base q.s.    
    Colour Ponceau 4R    
    5 Formulation 5 Each 5ml Contains: 200ml  
    Aluminium Hydroxide Gel IP Equivalent    
    To Dried Aluminium Hydroxide Gel IP 250mg    
    Magnesium Hydroxide Paste Equivalent    
    To Magesium Hydroxide IP 250mg    
    Simethicone IP 50mg    
    Flavoured Syrupy base q.s    
    6 Formulation 6 Each 5ml contains 100 ml Urinary antiseptic
    Disodium Hydrogen Citrate BP 1.37gms   Alkaliser
     flavoured Syrupy base q.s.    
    Colour: Tetrazine, Carmosine,     
    & Sunset yellow    
    7 Formulation 7 Each 5ml Contains  170 ml Antacid
    Activated Dimethicone IP   50 mg    
    Magnesium Hydroxide Paste IP  1.25 g    
    ( Dried Magnesium     
    Hydroxide IP 250mg )    
    Aluminium Hydroxide Gel paste IP 1.567 g    
    (equivalent to Dried Aluminium     
    Hydroxide IP 250 mg )    
    Sorbitol Solution ( 70%) IP 0.500gm IP    
    (Non –crystallising)     
    Colour : Erythrosine    
    8 Formulation 8 Each 10ml Contains 200 ML Antacid
    Magnesium Hydroxide paste (20%) U. S. P    
    equivalent to    
    Magnesium Hydroxide 800mg    
    flavoured syrupy base q.s.    
    9 Formulation 9 Each 10 ml. contains 150ml Antacid
    Dried Aluminium Hydroxide Gel BP 830 mg    
    Magnesium Hydroxide BP 180mg    
    Activated Dimethicone BP 50 mg    
    Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose BP QS    
    Flavoured sugar free base    
    Colour : Approved Color used.    
    10 Formulation 10 Each 5 ml contains : 150ml Antacid
    Magaldrate BP 540 mg    
    Activated Dimethyl Polysiloxane BP 50 mg    
    Flavoured sugar free base q.s    
    Colour : Approved colour used